Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cluj Design Days

Open 8-11th October from 11 am to 8pm, at Casa Tiff, Cluj Napoca. Among many, you can also take a peek at a generous composition of my "Perfectly Imperfect [shapeless femininity]" line. Don't miss out!

Sunday, October 4, 2015


This calm tune is on repeat in my heart. 
As the warmth of the fall sunshine erases from my mind what is unnecessary.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Where I have once found the road to my heart...

I arrived back a little less than a week ago, but my heart still wanders back time and time again. Taize is one of those places that grows close to your heart whether you want it or not, whether you're open or ready for it or you aren't, it still creeps into your veins.

I've been there many, many times, but I wasn't ready. Not this time. It is easier  not to face our insecurities (or even securities for that matter). But I went, nonetheless. I went to meet a wonderful soul again, who came all the way from Kenya, there was no way I could run and hide from this magical encounter just because I am not brave to face other parts of my life. She is my friend, my sister and my inspiration...

Of all the times I've left this magical place, I always wondered how I could go away without leaving it behind; I wanted to take it with me, truly keep it in a capsule and take it out when I needed some positive energy.
I haven't found a way for that...until now.

I did not leave with a sad heart. Restless, sure. But not sad. Taize stirred up a whirlwind of emotions, forced me to face my heart again and showed me that there is always hope. However, I never really managed to bring the calm I encounter there automatically home with me, until now. But in fact, it is quite easy to keep a direction, when everything and everyone align the same intention, the way it happens in Taize. Why would we not be able to keep to this intention, just because it is more difficult?

When I arrived to Paris on Sunday (where my flight was from the next day) my first face to face encounter with a human being was a drunk homeless person in the metro station shouting "fuck you" repeatedly to my face because I didn't understand what he was telling me. I smiled. And realized that this is the world I like to live in. A world which poses challenges and hardships, a world which offers solutions and hopes, a world which makes me open my eyes and faces me with whatever is necessary to move forward. I love my life, regardless of the circumstance, and in order to be happy and keep my calm a protective bubble around me, where everything fits together is unnecessary.

I had a very inspiring encounter on the plane. The man I met told me a story when I asked his opinion about people's capability to step out of a decision they made in the name of doing good? He told me this.
"A very fast train is going on the tracks. Suddenly a cow appears across the tracks and in the fraction of a second he has to make a decision for the right action. Either he runs the cow over and kills it, or he pulls the break and risks crashing the whole train off of the tracks, having everyone die on it. So in the very last split second he decides to run the cow over, but the cow moved."

The cow moved and the train still hit it.
Hanging on to a decision we made long ago leads to missing the real point of our journey in life and keeps us from fulfilling the true purpose of our souls. Holding on to past decisions which no longer benefit the purpose and the intention we had when we brought it in the first place is holding us back from being happy and doing good.

(photo credit to my lovely friend,Sina, who saw through my poker face, and discovered my heart)

God is love. 
I trust in that.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Don't miss out!

The one and only face behind Jasmin Blanc Studio, is going on holiday from now until the end of September. Finally! Over this period of time I will not be shipping out any orders, I will not reply to emails and inquiries, as I will not know of them. No internet for this gal' on her holiday! ;)
To make up for the lack of communication and delayed shipping, I would like to bribe all you wonderful friends and customers with a coupon code. Just enter FALLSUNSHINE15 at checkout.

And see you at the end of the month. Farewell! Happy shopping! 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Jewelry holders - MEOW!

A variety of meowlicious jewelry holder has found its way to my shop. Used at weddings as ring bearer, or simply in your everyday life, resting on your nightstand holding your precious jewelry, this lovely little dish will be a cute addition to any cat-lover's collection.

SHOP the collecion here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fall brought me back

It has been a while since I last checked into this little nook of mine. The truth is, I was hoping to move to an  independent blog on my very own website, but it seems that project takes longer than I expected, so bare with me on that one. It's okay though. I really needed this silent time to reflect. Going through tough periods, everyone develops a coping mechanism that works best for them, and mine is silence.

On a happier note, did I tell you I love fall the most? Of all seasons, fall is the dearest to me. It is the only time I truly feel that I master the ability illusion of making time stand still instead of rushing by me. I feel a kind of stillness in the air around me, a subtle peaceful air spiced with cinnamon and wood smoke. Warm knee-high socks, long shirts and sweaters...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


January brought slow days into the studio. Not because of the slow pace of orders, because there is plenty of that, thankfully, but because after my health shattered a little as a result of the holiday rush, I feel like adopting the seasons's rhythm is the best choice for me right now. I enjoy these quiet days in the studio very much. Haven't had this since, lord knows when, so it is so reveling. It takes me back to times I have long forgotten. Times I miss.

Today I had a few rounds to the Post Office. And I spent the afternoon preparing pieces for the first firing.

I am inclined to believe that this year is about to give a different pace to my life. One, that I needed for a while now. Obviously certain directions I took have not led me to much good this past year, and I think this is about to change. I have very special plans for this year, can't wait to share more...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Studio location

I am often asked about why I have established my studio out of the urban surroundings and why I commute to a nearby village every day.

This is the road that leads me there.

And when I do get there (I should add that it takes me 15 min., if I respect the speed limits, 9 if I don't, but of course the latter is merely a presumption. ..It often takes me longer to get to the city center), I am surrounded by green, everywhere, and playful white clouds, I am constantly cheered on by dogs and cats and whenever I feel that life is a bit too much to handle, I just head out for a walk on the hill over my studio, and I forget the reason for being sad.
No polluted air, no car fumes, no honking, no yelling and none of the aspects that come with working in an urban environment...
Yes, perhaps it would be very high-class and chic to be located in the city, close to where all the creative life boils, it would give my studio a very contemporary aspect and a defined branding. Perhaps. But I am not interested in what it all looks like from the outside. And I am not interested in beautifying the obvious. I live this life not because I want to show it off, but because it is the only way I wish to live it. And if that love towards this type of livelihood shines through, well then, I guess I've reached my goal. And appearances no longer have any kind of role to play in it.

I like the duality of it all. I enjoy living in a city and all the opportunities that come with such a life, I do, but in the same time I feel the need to evade to a silent place where time stands still.

At the end of the day, we all look for freedom in life, and we all have our special means for achieving it. This is mine. I may not always take full advantage of the situations I may be in, but then again, I know that I always have the chance to do it, and that is truly liberating.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

May your new year bring joy to you, may your faith be strong as to overcome your fears and may you strive in courage to take the risks that may lead you to places you've only dreamed of. If I learned something over the course of 2014 is that in order to enjoy changes in our lives, we must be brave enough to change ourselves first.

Tomorrow is the first day of the next 365. How special is that? Make it count.
I don't mean to advise you to go out party day and night and then when you hopefully have found your way home then pass out.
I mean, use this time to reflect. Don't plan. That is stupid. You and I we both know that you will not keep to those plans one bit. Reflect, and leave 2014 behind. Whatever has happened (and believe me, a lot has happened in my life too...more than I expected to carry) leave it in the past, this is the best time to look forward and leave your hurt soul and your bruised ego in the year that is already gone, and think of what you want 2015 to hold for you. What is it that you wish for? Dare to wish for great things to unfold, but please, be realistic. It is essential that you KNOW what you want for yourself. Stop worrying about how to achieve those wishes, just imagine what you want and imagine how you feel when you have them/ get there.

Live the first day of the New Year, and live, I wish for you to LIVE all through 2015. It is time to feel alive again!

2014 has been a trialing time in my personal life, yet a striving one for Jasmin Blanc Studio. And I have all of you to thank, for making this year so very special in terms of business, art and dreams that came true. Without your support, I could never have come so far... But it doesn't stop here, as I have wonderful dreams yet to achieve, and I truly hope to have you by my side in 2015 too. Lets make this one truly count! As I like to say "If not now, when?"


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Custom order - Lace dishes

I had a special request for a custom set of my Shapeless Femininity line, that Mr. M had to check before packing and shipping could happen. Luckily he is a really careful kitty and no damage has ever been done to my dishes or jewelry. He was adopted by a ceramist for cryin' out loud, he had to grow up to that status... ;)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Perfectly Imperfect (shapeless femininity)

If I were a writer, I would put my emotions, feelings, beliefs and principles on paper, I would mold all those twisting thoughts in my head into words. But I am not a writer. And my weapon is not a pen and a blank piece of paper. I communicate best through clay. And here are my thoughts on femininity. The story has and ambiguous ending, so I will let you complete it with your own thoughts on what all these pieces communicate to you. And what will still remain will be simply 'beauty', the rest of it, beyond all stories and interpretations will have the sole propose of delighting one's eyes and senses.

I hope you will enjoy my new collection!
Here's to being perfectly imperfect, ladies... here's to being a woman! Celebrate it!